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Loewenherz Basses – A Bass Player´s Dream Come True!

Each Loewenherz bass is custom made with very special features. For the first time in history an electric bass is factory-built with six pickups! This enables the player to dial in classic sounds as well as to create totally new ones – a Loewenherz bass conquers new ground!

To add an organic touch to the Loewenherz bass appearance we incorporated natural motifs into the total concept. The upper horn resembles an ocean wave, the lower horn refers to the underside of a lobster´s claw. The position markers are mother-of-pearl diamond inlays. To connect to the legend of King Lionheart, the volume pot is always a big cross-ringo by Q-Parts. The pot knobs assembly again follows a natural pattern: which star sign is shown here?

Each Loewenherz bass sports a through-neck laminated of five stripes of Bubinga and six stripes of Flamed Maple. Combined with the opulent bass body this construction allows for a super-fast attack and an extremely rich spectrum of both highs and harmonics. The body center is made of either mahogany or swamp ash according to the customer´s choice.

A handmade brass lionhead weighing 330 grams is responsible for the incredible sustain this bass can deliver. Also, because of this prominent feature, a Loewenherz bass is instantly recognizable among thousands of other basses! As you see, the Loewenherz bass is a complete concept shaped by the vision of great tonal diversity and the choice of the right materials.





Each Loewenherz bass has no less than six handmade Loewenherz-pickups from the laboratory of Christoph Dolf/Bassculture. Six stacked single-coils (humbucker) are housed in fine hardwood covers. In this way, the noise of fingers occasionally touching the polepieces is avoided. A nice side effect is caused by the pickups' surface: it creates a ramp similar to that of fretless player Gary Willis. In case you don´t want to use the ramp, just lower the pick ups.


To create a sound, first listen to the tone of the various pickups. Each pickup can be switched on and off separately. You will find out that each pickup has already a great unique sound on its own. Pickups 1 and 2, located at the bridge, sound biting and direct, the middle pickups 3 and 4 have a stingy and biting tone. The neck pickups 5 and 6 deliver strong bass frequencies. You can play the Loewenherz in passive mode by pulling the volume pot, which is deliberately placed at the end of the body in order to be touched by accident during play.

    Here are a few suggestions for the use of the pickups:    



Pickup1 - SOLO


Chords and single notes are brought out best by the first coil placed at the bridge. The sound is not very bassy, but extremely mid-pronounced and has a stinging character. The tone in this position is very clear and has great definiton.

    PU1 SOLO Sound example    
    Pickup2 - JAZZ    
    If you like Jaco Pastorius, you will also like pickup no. 2 because it delivers strong Jaco tones.    
    PU2 JAZZ Sound example    
    Pickup1 And 2 - Fusion    
    If you need super-strong midrange, use pickup 1 and 2 together and you will have an extreme mid-bite that really cuts through!    
    PU1and2 FUSION Sound example    
    Pickup2 And 6 - CLASSIC-ALLROUND    

This setting delivers a round warm tone, reminiscent of that classic bass with two pickups, invented by Leo F., seen on stages all over the world.

PU2and6 CLASSIC-ALLROUND Sound example
Pickup3 And 4 - ROCK

This is the setting to rock out on! Pickup 4 rocks even harder than pickup 3 – careful, it bites! Especially in live situations the bite might even be too strong...

PU3and4 ROCK Sound example
Pickup3 And 4 + MIDS - RICK
Surprise! If you dial in some active mids you´ll get a tone that will strongly remind you of Chris Squire and Geddy Lee!
PU3and4 + MIDS - RICK Sound example
Pickup3,4 And 6 - slap

Enormous bass power combined with mighty highs for an awesome thumbing tone – if you are going to jam with Mark, Marcus or Stanley, this is it!

PU3,4 and 6- SLAP Sound example Passiv
PU3,4 and 6- SLAP Sound example Activ
You will get ultra-low bass tones by switching one or both neck pickups on.
PU5 or 6 - VINTAGE/BLUES/REGGAE Sound example
Pickup2,4 And 6 - HiFi
Combine these three coils to create the sound that has been made world-famous by Stanley Clarke!
PU2,4 and 6 - HiFi Sound example
To put cheeky heavy guitar players into their place, just activate all six pickups and smile.... WATCH IT! IT´S LOUD!
PU - All Six- HEAVY Soundexample
… for more settings, just follow the motto: The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

To effectively influence the sound, Loewenherz basses are factory-equipped with a parametric 3band by Noll Electronics. Pictured is the starting position where all threaded screws face the player.

All of the described sound settings can be heavily changed by the 3band parametrics. You can boost or decrease the following frequency bands:

Bass            +/- 15 dB       40 bis 160 Hz

Mid            +/- 15 dB       350 bis 1,25 kHz

High            +/- 15 dB       1,8 bis 7,8 kHz
A parametric 3 band EQ is quite different from a graphic EQ as the desired frequency band can be selected separately. The pots in the upper row change the high-, mid-, and bass frequency ranges by 15 db, respectively. The pots in the lower row are for the three frequency bands – the sound variations are endless!
Truss rod
Löwenherz basses are always shipped with an extremely low action. To be able to change the action quickly and conveniently, access to the truss rod has been left open. No lid and tiny screws to loose and to worry about. A veneer of the body wood is used on the headstock – at no extra charge!
Slap players can order a 22 fret version at no extra charge. In this case, there will be a block inlay in the 21st fret instead of the diamond inlay – also at no extra charge.
The standard version features high quality knobs by Q-Parts.
On special request the Löwenherz can be equipped with lionhead knobs.
Optional the pot knobs can be made of the same wood as the bass body – at no extra charge.

You would like diamond eyes in the lionhead? We can do it! This will be at an extra charge!










86,4 cm / 34“

125 cm / 49“

24 / Slap-Version 22

4-String 5,3 or 5,4 kilos

5-String 5,7 or 5,9 kilos

parametric 3-Band-EQ by Noll

Bassculture by Christoph Dolf

Q-Parts or from same wood as body